About Miro

Love to keep children safe as a dad

The mission started with my own children. I wanted to invent a humidifier that would protect themfrom the shortcomings of other designs and give me peace of mind about having this machine in my own home. I didn’t want it just to work, I wanted it to work beautifully.Miro’s design philosophy has achieved a simplicity of form, simplicity of use, and assurance of quality and safety. A unique combination of technologies results in a machine with exceptional performance, which is also easier to use. Combining the core values of health, safety, and sanitation, with cutting edge technology results in features that delight users. This emphasis on not only great technology but superior user experience continues to define Miro’s approach to appliance design. We think they are the best home humidifiers in the world.

Inventor of Miro’s floating, washable humidifier and CEO of Miro Corp.
Dongjin Seo


Creating customer needs through innovative design


Blending into any type of ambience


Adapting best quality materials and technologies into products